Services and Fees

I can find potential corporate, foundation, and government funding sources in your region, state, and nationwide. For each such prospect, I provide a profile with all the information you need in order to apply: name of contact; title; name of prospect; address, phone, e-mail, web address, etc. as available; a list of trustees (for networking); the amount you should request; the method of initial approach (e.g., cover letter and full proposal, or letter of inquiry); and any special information, such as the application form required, a special format, or limited deadlines. As a first step, you tell me of the funders you are already approaching or who have funded you in the past, so I can “bracket them out”: you don’t want to pay me for what you already know! I can undertake this prospect research task for a fee of $2,000.

If you have a proposal already written, with most or all elements in place, and it needs editing, updating, or additional work, I can thoroughly edit it, making any changes as needed. The range of changes varies, from leaving a sentence alone to adding several paragraphs, or more, of text, as well as changing wording and other features as appropriate. I charge $2,000 for such an edit.

To write corporate or foundation “template” proposal materials from scratch,” I obtain existing information from you (e.g., from newsletters, internal reports, annual reports, press releases, etc.). I then typically send a list of questions to you in order to secure additional details. Then, with all of this information, I draft “templates” of the cover letter; the full proposal (including all elements: the summary, detailed narrative, budget, and attachment list); and a two-page “letter of inquiry,” a “mini-proposal” that some funders prefer as a first means of contact. After you give me feedback on the drafts of these materials, I revise them accordingly, and then send them to you as attachments to e-mail. You then customize them to the different for this task, and there is no additional fee no matter how many you submit.  I charge $3,500 per template for this task.

For a single government proposal — typically in response to a Request for Proposals — I charge $4,500. The fee is slightly higher than the template writing, above: a government proposal is typically more detailed, and thus takes more work and time. On the other hand, the potential grant award from many government agencies is large, and often multiyear.

Some clients have a strong need for ongoing grantwriting, but they can’t afford to hire a new staff member. For a monthly fee of only $4,000, I can serve on retainer, an ideal solution. Under this arrangement, I typically develop a year-long grant solicitation plan, research new prospects, edit existing proposals, write new template proposals, and customize the proposals to different prospects each month. I can also undertake other development writing tasks on a negotiated basis, at no additional charge. I require a commitment of at least three months from each retainer client, but most choose to continue to use my services for a year or longer.

My fees are all-inclusive: I don’t charge extra for phone, e-mail, FedEx, Philadelphia-area travel, or other costs. I bill when a job is completed, and full payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. I’m experienced, creative, effective, and affordable. Please contact me to discuss my services further. Thank you.