My Strengths

I have clients across the country: I’m able to work primarily via telephone and e-mail, thereby working well with my clients whether they are in my region, across the country, or around the world. Typically, I don’t need to visit your site, thereby holding down costs and expediting the work. However, I’m certainly able to meet with you at your site as required, at very reasonable rates.

I’m a quick study: Regardless of the initiative — ongoing operating programs, special initiatives, or capital projects, for example — I am able to quickly understand the nature of the program, emphasize its strengths, and create a persuasive, focused fundraising document. This is important, particularly given the highly competitive nature of fundraising and grantwriting.

I’m experienced: I know funding sources across the country, I write well, and I write quickly. I serve all types of nonprofits — educational, healthcare, cultural, human services, environmental, and others — whether large or small. In addition, I can work well under tight deadlines.

I’m creative: When I write the proposal, I position your nonprofit and your project well by first learning as many project details as possible from you. I also focus on the unique or unusual elements of your project: those factors that differentiate it from the competition. Through this approach, I am able to write a proposal that is complete and compelling.

I’m affordable: Because I am a sole practitioner, I am able to keep my overhead low and charge affordable rates: I have no staff to pay, and I work out of my home office. Because you always work directly with me, this also means no intermediaries, no delays, and clear communication.